Support Materials
The Support Materials include the following:

Teen Statistics - There are plenty of alarming statistics that relate to teens and the challenges they are facing these days. We have a compiled a list of some relevant statistics based on National Averages.

What Parents Don't Know - It is estimated that parents are only aware of 20-30 percent of their child's overall negative, dangerous, or destructive behaviors. This document takes a quick look at some teen issues that parents are often unaware of.

50 Warning Signs - When a teen starts getting involved with people and behaviors that are dangerous or destructive it is important to recognize the path they are headed down as early as possible. These 50 warning signs provide an excellent "check list" that can alert parents if their teen may be at risk.

Options for Parents - With so many ways that teens can get into trouble in todays society it is often difficult to know what to do. This document provides some direction on what course of action you can take and what your options are.

Each of these helpful documents can be downloaded in PDF format by using the links below.

  Teen Statistics

  What Parents Don't Know

  50 Warning Signs

  Options for Parents