Discussion Outline
Discussion Outline

  After showing the Parent Workshop Video ( or Reviewing the Support Material with the workshop group if you don't have video capability ) hand out the Difficult Teens, Suggestions for Parents Booklets. Have the parents turn to page 4, and point out that beginning on page 4 there are some great suggestions on how to set better limits in the home ( you may want to touch on some of the things written ie. The need for rules and limits listed in the first paragraph under setting better limits or the 4 things needed for compliance to rules on page 5 ). Encourage the parents to take the booklet home and read through it thoroughly. Then have the parents turn to the questionnaire on page 2 located in the front part of the Booklet. Tell the Workshop group that this questionnaire helps identify which teens are likely to respond to parents setting better limits in the home, and which teens may need some outside intervention. Tell the workshop group that several months ( weeks ) ago, based on that questionnaire your child was in High Need of Intervention. Then share your story as appropriate ( what your child was doing, how it was affecting the family, etc ) and how the School or Program has made a difference.

  Close by telling the workshop group that you need to end the workshop but are happy to discuss further with any of them individually your experience and suggestions based on what you have learned. Be sure to pass around a referral list (can be printed below) so those in attendance can write down the names and contact information of any friends or associates that they feel may want to attend or could benefit from attending the next workshop. This will allow you to send them out an invitation. Thank everyone for coming. You may want ( but don’t need to ) to serve light refreshments and then mingle with parents answering any questions or further sharing your experience.


  Make sure you have a roll (can be printed below) of all attendees including names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. Many of these can be obtained when they rsvp, but have a attendance sheet passed around at the workshop to catch all those who haven't previously given you that information.

The Discussion Outline provides a basic outline for how to approach Hosting a Parent Workshop. In addition to the Discussion Outline, we have also provided a Referral List worksheet and an Attendance Roll.

These materials can be downloaded in PDF format by using the link below.

Discussion Outline

Referral List

Attendance Roll